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Anything I should know before upgrade.


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Hi all, I've been away from the netduma r1 technical side for a while, it's come to my attention that duma os is available my current original dune r1 is on firmware v1.03.6i is there anything I should do or know before I attempt to upgrade, as its a beta shall i wait till a full release is available?



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Hi Frostie - I would highly recommend you  go ahead and upgrade. Most of the entire install base are on it now, so it's not really in 'beta' now. We'll probably remove that tag when we launch the next DumaOS milestone.

Your firmware version is fine to upgrade from.

Head over here and sign up - you'll then get an email with full instructions on how to upgrade: https://netduma.com/r1-dumaos/

Finally, after installing the new firmware, I'd recommend using these optimal settings guides for the features you use:


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