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  1. Thanks for that, saved me alot of time, now i know that, will look in to a nighthawk option then, if thats the case🤔
  2. Thanks, ill have a look to see if i have access to the config files with a couple of vpn providers and go from there cheers.
  3. Hi, anyone had any problems or experiences good or bad running a paid vpn on duma r1 with duma os, good or bad?, if so which vpn service did you find the best, thanks!
  4. Thank you admin, I'll get started when I get in from work tonight.
  5. I'm running 1.03.6i do i need to upgrade to anything else?
  6. Hi all, I've been away from the netduma r1 technical side for a while, it's come to my attention that duma os is available my current original dune r1 is on firmware v1.03.6i is there anything I should do or know before I attempt to upgrade, as its a beta shall i wait till a full release is available? thanks.
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