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Xr700 ipv6 setting for Virgin Media Ireland

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Hey, welcome to the forum!

In general I wouldn't recommend using IPv6. I'm not familiar with the DS-Lite method but unless you know the exact details I would always go for auto detect so the router does the hard work for you.

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1 hour ago, un hombre said:


Thanks for your feedback. Why would you not recommend ipv6? Are there any particular problems you have in mind? Something specific to Netgear router maybe?

IPv6 just overcomplicates things, but it's also riddled with false advertising. When it was released it was pushed as some kind of benefit for gamers - the reality is it doesn't affect gaming in the slightest, and only serves to ramp up the price of certain ISP packages. The complications and the difficulty in actually securing an IPv6 address just aren't worth it, when all you're getting in return is a new, longer IP address.

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Guest Killhippie

IPv6 was more about the supposed running out of IPv4 addresses nothing to do with gaming unless you believe Microsoft saying its better for the Xbox experience. Its about and providing enough addresses for the forceable future, its not more expensive, BT use it, I think at 93 percent adoption, T-Mobile USA which has a massive 94 per cent adoption, Comcast has just 73 per cent, Sky has I believe at 93 percent, the whole of Germany is at 41 percent! Its not something that can be ignored, even though adoption seems to slowing down and that's more to do humans being lazy or believing FUD and also many not wanting all their devices to be  internet facing, which I can understand. IPv6 does not cost the consumer any more money, IDNet never charged more for IPv6 addresses BT didn't, and yes its a longer IP address but that's kind of the point so you don't run out of addresses for the forceable future, because we have run out of IPv4 addresses pretty much.



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