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Traffic prioritization makes Battlefield 1 worse?

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I have an XR700 (using VDSL and an RM200).

Firstly, I have to set up all the BF1 ports to get it to prioritization to work at all, but that's just annoying not the main problem.

The main problem is the QoS actually makes the latency spikes caused by Netflix, for example, worse, not better.

I used BF1's network graphing function and it's clearly visible that not only does the traffic prioritization not fix the issue of the regular latency spikes, it makes the spikes higher.

No Netflix, No QoS

No Netflix, QoS On (no difference as expected - just as a baseline test to show QoS does nothing without bad with Netflix running)

Netflix On, QoS Off

Netflix On, QoS On (the latency peaks get bigger)

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What are your QoS settings exactly? For example, what mode is Anti-Bufferbloat and what %? If set up correctly, you won't have these spikes. Please see this guide for setup instructions:


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