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Device Manager and QoS.

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Hello team,


I do not know if I am doing something wrong, but there it is.

I have a few devices that are on my internal network and their traffic goes through my XR500 router and these devices do not require internet access, for instance, management interfaces of my switches and management interfaces or my Powerline adapters.

They show automatically in the Device Manager (which I am happy with), I then block them in the Device Manager as they do not need internet access, however, they are still listed in the QoS screen and as I use the share excess function, they are allocated some bandwidth. I was expecting them not to show in the QoS and hence have no bandwidth allocation. Could you please confirm if my expectation is wrong or not ? 


Thanks in advance,


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It's expected behaviour that they appear in QoS still but they won't get any bandwidth as you did block the device. Share excess works in that devices that don't need bandwidth will give it to those that do so they won't be using anything and so other devices won't be affected

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