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Modem/Router combo??


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Looking into the TP Link Archer AC1900. It’s a combo modem/router. How will this work with the Duma? Right now I have the TP Link 7610 (modem only), & it’s set up:  modem - duma - then Xbox & WiFi router are plugged into that. I’m liking the idea of 24 x 8 versus 8 x 4 & seems like this combo modem/router seems like a great step up?

The Archer has 4 Ethernet ports on back.......but not sure how the internals work....will the Duma do its job? Since it’s a modem/router combo, do the Ethernet ports connect to the “modem” portion, so it would act like it’s hardwired to a modem (before it goes through WiFi router part)......or would it act like its hardwired to a WiFi router? 

Hope that makes sense! Lol 😂 


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  • Netduma Staff

It should be fairly straight forward. With Modem / Router combos you just plug the Netduma into a port and set it to Modem Mode (or Bridge Mode). That should work just fine I believe!

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