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Checking before upgrade


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I've just downloaded the DumaOS upgrade and am looking to install to my R1 but just wanted to get a little more info as at the moment my network is running fairly OK.

  • I currently have a lot of devices on my network, over 120, including multiple Xbox one's, PS4, gaming PC's etc.... will I have a nightmare setting all these up?
  • Does the new OS require more interaction from me or does it just work the same as the old system once correctly setup?
  • I like the look of all of the graphs etc on the new OS but with the amount of devices I have will this just be a complete mess like the overview below?

Sorry if these are mundane questions but I just don't want to create extra work for myself and have my network not functioning as normal for any period of time.


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  • Administrators

Hi there, to answer your questions:

  1. The WiFi name and password will remain the same, so they should automatically reconnect post upgrade without any changes needed from you. Pretty much every setting will carry over from that side of things, so it should be very quick and easy to upgrade
  2. If anything, it requires less manual changes. We put a lot of effort into making things simple, and there's a certain level of automation now too
  3. Well that's a tonne of devices you have there! On the Device Manager, you can view them as a list. On Bandwidth Allocation (Device Prioritisation), it will still be a circle but I believe it will not exceed the edges like it has done so in your photo
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  • Netduma Staff

Just to pitch in on this (since that image is hilarious) we'll be looking at ways to make the bandwidth 'flower' cope better with that amount of devices on it, maybe with a different mode like the Device Manager now has. Still, it takes over 30 devices to make it look so mad so you should be okay!

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