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low bandwidth

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  • Netduma Staff
6 hours ago, thomas said:

I'm having problem where i set bandwidth to ps4 it still only getting under 1 mbps. it driving me crazy trying to fix this. i have done everything that i can think out. not sure what more i can do. plz help

Hi, welcome to the forum Thomas! First off, what speeds do you usually get? Try a speed test on a wired PC (with Bandwidth Allocation reset and Anti-Bufferbloat set to 'never'). What speeds do you get then?

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  • Netduma Staff
9 hours ago, thomas said:

test with the nighthaenk app and browser. i have about 30% going to my ps4 but when i look at the  network snapshot it saying it getting the lows bandwidth.  

Ah right. I wouldn't worry too much about that - the Network Snapshot is showing what your PS4 is actually using, not what it's been allocated. Games only need to use <0.5mbps bandwidth, so your console will always show a teeny tiny amount on the Network Snapshot. (That is, unless you're downloading a game!)

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