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Cant connect anymore


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Hey, welcome to the forum!

Just so you're aware DHCP is what gives devices IP addresses, without it they don't get one and you're unable to connect. Would not advise disabling.

You need to hold the reset button for 20-30s. Are you on DumaOS or original firmware?

If factory reset doesn't work you'll need to follow this guide:


but at the end use these details:

  • IP Address -
  • Subnet Mask -
  • Default Gateway -
  • DNS blank
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Gonna have to try setting a static ip when i get home since i have held down the reset button for well over 30 seconds none of the lights even flashed nor did it beep when i released.  So after i set a static ip do i just type into browser and itll take me back into router to re enable dhcp, as i said i didnt mean to disable it.  I just got the router same day as this post. And original firmware that it comes with out of the box

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11 hours ago, Praetorian1982 said:

Thank you that fixed the issue, i knew what dhcp was but when it happened setting a static ip didnt cross my mind at the time

Good stuff :D welcome to the forum, I hope you enjoy using your R1. Definitely get upgraded to DumaOS soon!

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