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Udnp help please


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I am wandering how you set up these upnp listed ports ,   too port forwardinging and  traffic correctly  

In upnp  its listed like this 

Description         internal port               external port              protocol

Pcp map              6672                              1026                              udp


In portforward and traffic priortization its listed like this


  Name                  source                           destination              protocol 


In traficc priortization  its listed like this


                                  Source                         destination             protocol 

                                   Start                            end

                                    Start                           end    




So please can you tell me how i would set up the ports listed in the upnp list to be  port forwarding and traffic priortization 

As these are the ports rdr2 onile uses these and a few more as it shows these in my 




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You don't need to do this for Traffic Prioritization as DumaOS Classified Games will prioritize the ports that the game uses and if UPnP is opening the ports correctly as well then there is no need to Port Forward.

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We don't recommend change the source ports unless you definitely know what they are as it could impact your game experience. So for Traffic Prio leave the source as 1-65535.

For Port Forwarding just add the ports for the game as normal

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So would i put in portforward

source           destination         protocol

6672             1026                        udp


Is that the right way to do the ports i listed at the top of this thread 

As those are the one that it shows me when i play red dead online

Heres how it shows it  in upnp 

Description               internal port            external port          protocol 

Pcp  map                    6672                         1026                          udp




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