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Host ping only showing if host is a dedi

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19 minutes ago, Evangelisuk said:

Is this normal? What happened to showing the whole lobbys ping? ( think this was in use before Duma Os? )

It’s only possible to see the ping of the server/host with DumaOS at the moment. I’m not sure if Peer Ping is already be on the roadmap for future versions of DumaOS. @Netduma Admin @Netduma Jack Will be able to confirm this.

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4 hours ago, Evangelisuk said:

Ok thanks - to add to that i cant see ping when host is a peer only when its a dedi.

It should show the ping for a dedi or a peer host. It could be that you are actually the host and that’s why you aren’t seeing the ping on the geofilter. I’m assuming you are playing BO4? If so, the best way to check is, if you go onto the network tab while in a game, if you don’t see any information on the connection meter then you are host.

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