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Not finding any games

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Alright so I got everything set up a few days ago and I've been trying it since. When i have my geo-filter at 3000 km i can't find any games, my best bet is 4200 km (it was painful to find this out since i had to power off the xbox every time i changed settings!)

Anyways so at around 4200 km i get connected to two good servers (a00d2cf7aa3ff5fa and 4a34d8a3d1e9d8dd). So i did some searching and i found out that the allow/deny list has priority over the geo filter. So i added those two to my allow list, as well as 2 servers that seemed to be auth servers (11349c67d1b0a7ac and ccb9b580566b1d22) and reduced my geo-filter settings down to 2000 km in the hopes that i would get connected to one of those 2 servers. Unfortunately, after an hour of searching for a game i wasn't put into any games. Any ideas?


Also, during my hunt for the best geo-filter range i was put in a lot of situations of "lobby not joinable", I'm thinking i may have accidentally denied an auth server, so i will test this again and reproduce it before i consider it as an issue. 

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