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DumaOS network printing options? +

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Hello! few questions.   curious as to if DumaOS supports a printer connected via usb to router for local network printing?  


 - How do I disable deep packet processing in DumaOS?


-  there was an Auto MTU on previouus R1, Though I do not see this option on DumaOS just wondering :)


-  is there a stealth mode option in DumaOS like on R1 in the miscellaneous settings ?


-  Lastly !  will there be an option for WiFi MAC filtering in DumaOS? this way only the devices you want connected via access point are connected manually. cheers! :)

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Hi Mountain - you have the XR500 right?

To answer your first question, we no longer have the option to just disable DPI, but if you go to QoS and then open the options for Anti-Bufferbloat, you can disable all QoS, which includes DPI. But because of the way we’ve redesigned DumaOS, there’s really never a reason to do this unless you have tech issues.


Stealth Mode and Auto MTU - these are not on Netgear's settings. Do you have a reason for needing to use either of these features?


Mac filtering (ACL) was temporarily removed from the firmware because of stability issues, it has not been added back to the latest version yet.

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a printer can be connected to the usb for network printing, but you can also connect a printer wirelessly (if it is wifi capable) to do the same task which is what I do.

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