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I may have asked this before , but can anyone advise on a robust password generator please.


Also whem placing the XR500 , What is the main consideration ,in my case i want to place it on a 1.4m high bookcase in the middle of the hallway near the stairs, is that about right

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Can't advise on password generator.


Regarding placement, I believe it's actually better to have it closer to the floor but don't quote me on that. As long as its not on a surface that would obstruct the vents and cause it to overheat then you should be good.

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I think 1 pass will do what you want for anything. I don't use it  I know you have 1 password that you give it then it creates randomised passwords for everything that needs a password.   https://1password.com/


The best place to put any router is in a central location in the house (if possible). Mine is on a small set of drawers at the side of my workstation smack in the middle of my home on the ground floor! I have full coverage throughout and in the garden.

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