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I live on the west coast and would just like to play people near me. If I have all of the US in my filter everything is fine. However, when ever I make it just for the west side of the US I get the boot. I would like step by step directions on how to fix this please. I'm not a super techie person. I paid a lot of money for this router because I thought I could filter just for my area. Come to think of it, when I played D1 it let me do it. What gives? Thanks

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  • Netduma Staff

Thanks for the quick reply!


I don't have strict mode on. I've never used it ever. So its got to be something else :/


Sounds like there could be something fishy going on. When you get that error message do you see anything blocked on the map? Do you have an open NAT on the console and in-game? Are you playing a particular game mode when you get that error?

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