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Is Rules of Survival supported or optimized on NetDuma?

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Hi! I'm new to the bandwagon and I am very excited to get my NetDuma (its still on its way). I just want to ask if RoS is optimized or supported? I will be mainly playing this game and would love to eliminate lag while others are also using my connection. So I'm wondering if anti flood will work on this?

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Anti flood / congestion control works for your connection no matter what game you play just set your desired percentage, 70% is a good starting point so your pings have bandwidth headroom to travel in with minimal jitter.


Some great info in the knowledge base





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  • Netduma Staff

Sounds great :) can't wait for it to arrive and use it!


OMG hypertraffic! Havent seen this feature before :o :o :o


Welcome to the forum! Let us know how it goes - we haven't tested this game using the Geo-Filter before, though if you can select servers in-game then it's likely you'll want to use the Congestion Control features more. The Geo-Filter is better suited to matchmaking games :)

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