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UPNP + QoS Traffic Prioritization

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I don't know if this topic has been expounded upon yet. I'd like to cover it briefly and eliminate some confusion. Hopefully, Admins or someone with a little bit of port experience can help?


My XR500 is currently wired to 2 devices (laptop & ps4) with wireless turned off. I have DMZ disabled, with UPNP enabled and a couple port forwarding rulesets Activision recommended for Open NAT.


When I enable UPNP under Advanced Settings my assigned PS4 IP says there's a series of Internal/External ports I've never seen before.


9305-9308 UDP

3074 UDP w/ Internal ports 3166, 3165?


Should I prioritize these internal/external ports UPNP gives me under QoS Trafficking as well?


I'm trying to determine if QoS rulesets for traffic prioritization are even needed with UPnP enabled.


Thanks in advance!

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