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Destiny 2 PC Lag with XR500

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Is there settings for the router to prevent lag? I find absolutely no difference at all when selecting the settings. I cant see who I am connecting to either unlike the original R1. 


If anyone has any tip or tricks to help would be greatly appreciated. 



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From the console perspective I still had issues with Iron banner this past week.  I get an A for bufferbloat but still Destiny 2 is a bit laggy not that the in game is lagging that I can see really its the hit detection that I notice the most.  Destiny PVP is not consistent for me and I believe its just the P2P cloud set-up they have now.  I do like the Geo-filter and for me it does help and have improved the PVP.

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Make sure you've got your QoS settings done - 70% for both upload/download as a starter is recommended, set to apply always. DumaOS Classified Games enabled. Then choose the Destiny profile on the Geo-Filter. You should see players so flush the cloud in the Geo-Filter Map options.

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Hi Fraser


I made sure I flushed cloud as per the update last week. I have also followed the instructions as suggested above and still cant see who I am connecting to like the R1 use to. I use to see all the people trying to connect and the router refusing people.


In regards to profiles Destiny is not in the list. I have attached screenshots



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