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Netduma Issues ? Questions

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Why do i have to wait 5-10 minutes after I add someone to the router to allow connection if they are outside my search radius? Also, me and a friend both have netduma routers....we have each other added using deny and allow and every single day we have issues of it not letting us connect to each other. Why arent changes instant when made to the router?

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The issues of using this router and trying to play with people is so annoying that I'm almost about to trash it and just go back to a normal router. It's an amazing solo play router but who really wants to play games by themselves? the purpose is to allow good lag free connections....but at what cost? a search radius just to play with friends?

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Hi Streakz - this should take affect instantly. I've never heard it take this long. One reason for this is once you have an active connection with someone the router will not interfere with it. This is to prevent cheating e.g. you could use the Deny feature to host boot otherwise.


So could you explain your process. It should be like this:

  1. Expand Geo-Filter radius to cover entire world
  2. Invite friend into lobby
  3. Click on friend's icon
  4. Add them to Allow (give them a name and a 100% rating)
  5. Set Geo-Filter radius back to preferred range
  6. Friend will still be in your lobby

When does the disconnection between you and your friend happen? I am thinking that your issue is instead that you have set different filter ranges on each of your routers. So when you search for a game one of you is blocking the host that you are trying to join. To get around this problem, when you play together, let the party leader do all the filtering and the other can just have it set to full radius.

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