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toby jugs

cant access geo filter at all

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As title, my r1 is now so slow it will not go onto host filtering at all...............even if i wait 1/2 an hour(and i have).


i disabled all the ports that were forwarded...that used to help speed things up but not now.



i'm also having trouble putting a device(ps4) into hyperlane, it shows as a nameless device now when previously it didn't, being as i have about a dozen nameless devices there must be an easier way of locating it than turning every other device off...i am not pepared to do that, ( the i.p address showing next to all the nameless devices on the hyperlane drop down would be ideal, but sadly they don't)


what i'm trying to do is get my boys ps4 sorted out so that he can party up with friends again, it was working fine a few weeks ago but now he has a permanent message on the menu screen of his fortnite app saying that party functionality is limited and he always shows as offline( i can't even part up with him, my ps4 pro has no issues like his though. not sure if it's a nat issue or not but a connection test shows type 2 nat as does mine.



will duma os sort this mess out when it arrives?







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This link should help resolve your geofilter issue: http://forum.netduma.com/topic/23979-geo-filter-page-not-loading-solution-here/


Find out your sons PS4 IP address from the network section of the PS4 then rename it from the Dumas device manager, then you can identify it in hyperlane.

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