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Bufferbloat issues on xr500

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2 straight years of A+ on dslreport with bufferbloat for up and down usually 10-12 using R1.

Now the xr500 gives me b , c and sometimes d. Pings never under 20 and mostly 30. Have screwed with congestion sliders all day. No luck. Proper 25 up and 10 down has been correctly entered. Started up R1 and instantly gives A+. Any ideas at al. Thanks

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Hi Dire,


It is most likely our auto-qos feature. Are you on the latest version? Look in the top right corner if DumaOS there is a sort of circle button. If you can click it that means you can upgrade to a new version.


The new version improves the usability of the QoS R-App. Once you're upgraded you'll see three options when to apply anti-bufferbloat: always, when high priority traffic is detected or never.


I think you've got only when high priority traffic is detected. This means we only reduce your bandwidt to the sliders when you're gaming and when you're not we allow full speeds. So the user doesnt have to remember to move sliders back to 100%.


If you want to disable auto-qos and behave like the r1 select Always for when to apply.


Hope that helps :)

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