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COD WW2 - Did Sledgehammer Games Change Too Much??


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First off nice video as always... :D


Now to the question...and as always this is only my opinion and the way I see it.


YES they changed everything to much but did they really ? They kind of had to change everything as they went back to boots on the ground from EXO and boosting.Remember how big of a change it was from Ghosts (still one of my favorite games) to AW ? It took people awhile to catch on to it.I've never been a big fan of all the Rocky the flying squirrel or wall running bullshit,I like boots on the ground.


But just as they had to change everything to move to EXO movements, they had to do the same to go back.The game is gonna be slower as the game is slower, no Exo or boosting.You can tell people are still so locked into Exo movements as when I get into gunfight or throw nades,people's first reaction is to try and Exo back.up,left or right(mine too) problem is you can only jump about 2 feet up or back, which does little to help you in avoiding a nade or gaining an advantage in a gunfight.


And we all hate the camping guy head glitching a box or wall... :angry: And I equate that with people talking about their "dance" style and a stripper chiming in saying "is lap dancing a style"...no it's not... :D But we all know that if you take away boosting and the ability to get from on end of the map to the other in 3 seconds, people are gonna head glitch anything available.Move movement, less head glitching IMO.I won't say less camping... as we all know people camped their ass of in AW,IM and BO3.All that movement available and people still chose to sit in corner ADS at a doorway, that's why I say " not a play style"...SMH


It's just an observation but no matter what devs do people are never happy with the outcome of the game.I'm in no way defending the developers as they have really made some bad decisions.But people alway compare current titles to older titles and as long as they do that, they'll always be disappointed.It's never gonna be like it was 8-10 years ago...and we all know which titles I'm speaking of.So many things have changed, so many advancements in technology but we move backwards in things like SBMM,connection etc.We have super fast internet speeds but worse connectivity, more people playin the game but worse match making and connection.


IMO any title going forward will never be up to people's expectations, some like all the Exo movements and some like BOTG,so one group will always be upset.I think a good start would be to build a new engine and see what happens from there, that won't happen but that's a good start.


I like WW2 but it's already wearing thin with the community and I also play it for short periods of time due to the fact that I still want to enjoy the game so I keep it short so I don't get burned out.


Sorry about the wall of text and again it's just my opinion, but agin love your vids... :D

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