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What is the best modem to use with spectrum cable

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Yeah so like I just said the TC-7610 is the best modem for speeds up to 100 Mbps.


It can do over 300 Mbps but for whatever reason they won’t approve it for more than 100.

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As said above,TC - 7610 hands down.


I have Spectrum / Charter with 100 / 5 package and it's made a huge difference in the spikes.


But as MoD said they'll only provision it for 100 not 300 but it'll handle 300.


So whatever criteria they use for determining what they'll provision modems at is beyond me and my pay grade... :D

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Arris SB6183 is one of the best modems to use with spectrum cable also  Supports internet speeds up to 300 Mbps. there are plenty of other brands that are compatible with the spectrum. spectrum integrates the highest quality service with superior entertainment and communications products.

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I've own(ed) 4 standalone cable modems.

SB6183 - Ol' Faithful. Never dropped connection, base ping was always the lowest on here, and Bufferbloat even directly off the modem was better than SB8200. So with a decent router, it was non-existent .... Miss that old thing. Lol.

SB6190 - Puma 6 Chipset - DO NOT BUY. I always wondered why my games were so jittery back on BO3.

CM1000 - Currently uses. Has Docsis 3.1 and AQM but it seems like im always having line issues 🙄 And it also didn't play nice with my IQ Router unfortunately so I had to return it. That router was cheap but effective. Line could near about be maxed out and the base ping never rose but about 7ms. Impressive. And it was all automatic for those not tech savvy. Set it and forget it type deal.

SB8200 - Has 2 ethernet ports for link aggregation OR using the 2nd for your PC or Console. Never have NAT issues again and get to play directly off the modem. This is the most desirable setup but isn't practical for most because usually modems only have 1 port. But your ISP needs to support 2 public IPs for this to work if you want to use one port for a router and the other for a console.

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