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(WW2) Possible Fix Hit registration Lag compensation


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After weeks of testings this is a possible fix for lag compensation and hit registration :

FTTS 100/20 - Xbox One X

Router Modem Fritzbox 3490 - Router Netgear Dgnd4000 with amod - Netduma

MTU 1492 In FritzBox 3490

tx queue length 40/44 , i tried every possible number but nothing is different

In amod - Wondershaper Settings to 2048 Dwn 512 Up

Bufferbloat result A+ with 0/1 ms..

Netduma settings Sliders at 100 %

Hyper 1-65535 tcp udp Both

Ipv6 Off in Wan and Lan

Mtu auto

Deep Packet off

Settings bandwitch 90/20

Geofilter settings to play in a Italy Dedis. (8/9/10 ms)

Strict mode ON

Range 1000 KM

Congestion Control settings to 50% ( i have only 2 devices connected )


Before this my hit registration are incosistent , now is better, a lot better..

If you have any suggestion i m here..


I think this is a way where you could start..


Work for 

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I read your post but don‘t understand what you mean.

Did you work 3 router together? What is your real bandwith?

Maybe you can help me..

I have a fritz box as main router and my netduma connected to it.. i have 25 down and 5 up bandwith what i get...

Where do you typing the mtu 1492? And what is wondershaper?

Maybe you can help me to get a real good connetion for gameplay in WW2!!


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1 Modem , 2 Router

Fritzbox - Netgear dgnd4000 ( you could use any router that limit your bandwitch ) - Netduma..

Wondershaper is an option that amod give you at Netgear.

Limit your bandwitch at 256 Up , for me is drastical changing.. Hit marker are perfect , and lag compensation is reduced..

I changed Mtu with FBEDITOR ( Software that work for fritzbox )


Sorry for my bad English , i m Italian..

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