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Black Ops 1 on Xbox One...


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Howdy strangers, 

It's been a while since I've posted... have I missed much?!


I finally caved in an purchased an XB1 go sit in perfect harmony with my PS4 during the January sales.


The top of my to do list was install Black Ops 1 and see what the backwards compatibility is like.


The first thing that strikes me is that there's still a healthy player base on the game, usually around 72,000 worldwide players on a good evening. It's quick to find a game and I've not seen any hackers yet. It's definitely more fun that WWII and the like. 


With that in mind, what kind of settings should I be running on the Duma to capitalise on the P2P element of the game? Some games are buttery smooth, whilst others have a few rubber banding issues here and there.



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Wow, I wish there was that many players on IW :(

All I come across is the same players day after day and if I just left a lobby, it'll try putting me back in 10+ times before it manages to find a different one :(

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