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Router keeps resetting

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go to misc settings and make sure cookies is enabled........if it is not enabled then any settings you make will be unsaved!



for a complete and consice guide on setting up the netduma follow sim's video. It is long but covers everything you could ever wish to know about configuring and getting the best from your netduma.




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  • Netduma Staff



Not sure if you can look at my router, it keeps resetting its self (loosing its settings)


Also the WIFI keeps going off, Please can you fix it the bloody kids are doing my nut in


Thanks in advance




Do you hear the router beep, indicating that it is resetting itself? Check your power supply is connected tightly and correctly, and try connecting it to the power outlet directly rather to an extension lead or any kind of extender (if possible).


This could also be caused by overheating - try moving the position of the Netduma, maybe even to another room to test whether this is the case.

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