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Router won’t show up under network list

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how do you normally connect to it? I take it by your comment it is viz wifi?   search wifi for netdumar1 and the default password is netdumar1



if wired......



also.........please do not create multiple threads for the same issue as it is harder to keep track of it........please note that it is very early morning here so bare with us in getting you sorted!

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  • Netduma Staff

As Big Dog asked, by 'network list' do you mean when searching for a WiFi router to connect to? 


If yes, and the router is still not showing, please try:


1. Resetting your router (power off and then back on), wait 30 seconds and see if you can find it

2. If that does not work, connect an ethernet cable from your computer into port 5 of your R1. Go to on your browser. Does the R1 interface load?

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