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Few question about Settings and PS4 Network WW2 game


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Hello everybody!

First I want to say thank you for this amazing product!

I'm living in East Europe - Bulgaria.

I'm playing the most of time CoD WW2 and unfortunately we are far away from the servers and the most of the time the ping is around 40 - 50 ms.

When the ping is around 20 ms the game is fun but when it is greater than 50 the feeling is not pleasant.


I'm noob when it cames to ruter things and I have very little knowledge about this stuff.


1. My first question is  - right now I get message from the PS4 when I "Test Internet Connection " :

"The ruter in use might not support IP packet fragmentation, and some network features of the PS4 might be restricted. For detail, contact the router manufacturer. "


Is that bad or it doesn't matter ?

I can play the game and I can go to the partys .


2. Is there any chance I can increase my upload speed in PS4 network. Right now it is around 42 Mbps ( Download) and 5.1 Mbps (Upload).

NAT Type : Type 2

On XBOX 1 I have around 60-70 Mbps(Download) and 20 Mbps(Upload).


3. I set "Geofilter" to 1400 km. but when the game start in some point it show me that the "Host" is at 8900 km. and of course the ping is go up around 50-60 ms. 


Here is some screenshots from my settings.




When I 'm at Headquaters.












































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1. I think this message is a PS4 problem related to MTU not a Netduma problem. I don't know much about PS4 but I'm sure someone else with be able to help you resolve this.


2. The network test on the PS4 can be very inaccurate, speed tests should always be ran from a wired PC.  You have more than enough upload speed, you only need around 300kbps to game. Increasing your speed will make no difference to your gamplay experience.


3. From your picture it looks like you have connected to a UK server via 'ping assist'. I think there are servers located in Italy and Germany that may give you a lower ping (as they are closer to you). Try setting 'ping assist' to 0 and make sure Italy and Germany are within your geo-filter radius.


Do you only have 2 devices? to use the Netduma to its full potential its best to have all your devices connected to the Netduma, that way you can use 'congestion control' to eliminate lag caused by other devices in your home.


There are some settings you can change:


Disable 'Deep Packet Processing' in Miscellaneous

Disable IPv6 in LAN, WAN and Miscellaneous


To help stop Lag in game:


Set 'congestion control' silders to 70/70

Add your PS4 to 'Hyperlane'

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  • Netduma Staff

I cannot thank you enough for helping me.


I have 3 different internets. This one is just for gaming and nothing else.


I literally can't top the advice PollutionBlues just gave you - I'd recommend following those suggestions to the letter!


If you encounter any issues or need any more suggestions please let us know :)

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