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Host page on boot up

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  • Netduma Staff


I see this for a moment when i first start up the geo.

Should i be worried?


Yeh I wouldn't worry about that - only worry if you can't connect to any games, or get booted a lot. If that is the case, you could just increase your radius and perhaps use ping assist :)

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  • Netduma Staff

They flash only for a moment on startup of the geo page - not while im searching for games ect. I dont see the padlocks any other time.


I would recommend only enabling the Geo-filter once you are on the game menu. If you see those padlocks show up for a second, that should be fine - I would stick by what I previously said, only worry (and let us know) if you can't connect to games or get booted from games.


The padlock icons are likely background servers being blocked. They shouldn't impact your gaming if this only happens for a few seconds on startup, but let us know how your actual game experience goes :)

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