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hello but i have problem after update; 1.03.6i

internet has become unstable, dropped speed, and i have terrible lag; wifi and ethernet cable, ISP speed ok,All settings are the sameas before update sorry for the translation


ipv6 off

algoritm preemptive

enable  deep pack  off

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Its a bug. I had the same problem. Where you enter your bandwidth put the actual speeds, and not what u want it to start capping at when u move the sliders. Before i had 100 down and 25 up in the bandwidth section. I couldn't get my full speeds which is actually 300 down and 25 up with the sliders at a 100%. So what i did was change my bandwidth in the "set bandwidth" section from 100 down to 300 down and i got my full speeds. Before i didn't have to do that. I hope that helps.

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