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Adding an Range Extender need help!!!!!!


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Hi Guys, i recently bought a new range extender for my house because the old one is worn out and is just terrible. the new range extender i brought is a tplink brand. when i first got it, it was going strong for a couple a days then stopped. i turned it off and back on but it didn't seem to work. it showed the wifi bars in the left corner on my phone but wasn't working when i would go on safari. i tried resetting it, doesent work:( and i also tried connecting a lan cable from computer to the extender but no that didn't work. on the extender the lan picture is flashing blue but does not seem to work which is odd. on the other hand the wifi pictures 2.4 and 5ghz do not flash blue even when i reset the whole thing. would love if anyone has any advice. and can that dumaos hurry up :) cheers

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