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  1. do i ring up and ask?? and can they they all of a sudden block ports cause i had a open nat on this isp like a week ago. all g i got it going they did an update that fucked somethin so all g now
  2. it isnt atm because i cant get it to work in modem mode. but even when it was in modem mode i still had a strict nat. ive always had a open nat even when its been modem/router to netduma or xr500. and the other router doesent have any manual port fowarding going on
  3. i never ever use to have a strict nat. now out of know where i do? btw i live in aus so when i do a connection test on ps4 it come up with this server .
  4. dont worrry i got it workin but i cant get an open nat looked at that giude but nothing is working, fraser you might have to look at it please.
  5. hey guys so i cant connected my xr500 at all. its connected to a modem/router and i have also tried to put it in modem mode only to connect but that wont work either. here is some pictures. the light is white so idk wat the problem is and the second pic is me trying to connect to on a pc that is hooked straight up to the router. please help .
  6. jacko ive legit tried all this nothing is helping
  7. im on the duma now and i still get nat type 3 grrrrr this legit has never happen, need a 1 on 1 sesh
  8. im back on my xr500 now and i still cant get an open nat
  9. im on a nighthawk d7000 atm. im getting nate type 3 on ps4. never had this before.its always been nat 2
  10. idk wats going on ive always had an open nat. ive tried port forwarding,dmz and upnp but i still cant get one.
  11. hi guys so i currently live in AUS and i have heard a huawei modem is the way to go but i dont know what is a good one. leave suggestions below or a link
  12. it only lets me put 2 zeros in it
  13. hey guys this isnt about my xr500 but a netgear d7000. in Qos settings it has uplink bandwith with kbps/mbps but i dont know what to set it to. i get about 95 down 35-36 up. i tried putting in 35mbps but my whole internet didnt work. can someone help me out here cheers
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