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NHL 18

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Any timeline on it? I just recently purchased your router, and spent quite a few hours tweaking & reading (buffer bloat, capping upload/download, etc). I've managed to get a consistent A+/A+ rating on dslreports, but I'm not noticing any discernible changes to my lag issues (typical input lag issues that effect FIFA/NHL/Madden, where one side plays like they're drunk & wearing cement shoes).


Either way, thanks for the prompt response :)

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No timeline currently as very busy with DumaOS so hard to give an estimate on my free time. What is the average ping you're getting to the game? If you provide the screenshots from here I can advise in the mean time: http://support.netduma.com/support/solutions/articles/16000022425-lag-support-instructions-to-post-on-the-forum-  also what is your physical setup? 

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