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  1. I've noticed that setting the Congestion Control Algorithm to Predictive throttled my bandwidth. I pay for 150, and would get ~25. Switching to Reactive made everything better. Not sure if that helps...
  2. I'll try it, although it would seem that wouldn't explain why the only hardwired connection drops as well, as that's the Xbox. Additionally, it's not always set to 100% Xbox, as whenever a new device comes on the network, it automatically sets the prioritization to allow for a minimum connection to the new device... I'll give it a shot either way though.
  3. So this started about a month or so after I purchased my Netduma (roughly two months ago). I had originally attributed it to issues with my wifi, then my modem. It wasn't very often, and rebooting everything did the trick. It's started to happen much more frequently, going from once a day or so, to a few times a day, and now it's happening a few times a session (ex after dinner till bedtime). Aside from changing the anti-flood sliders and host filtering options, my settings haven't changed. The tell for me is that I can restore the connection to both wired and wifi devices by changing any setting in anti-flood. For example, simply moving the sliders, or changing from preemptive to reactive (and vice versa) will all restore connections. I have my device prioritization set to 100% for my Xbox, and share excess enabled. My Xbox is the only wired connection, and it loses connection the same time as all wifi devices. Any ideas?
  4. Any timeline on it? I just recently purchased your router, and spent quite a few hours tweaking & reading (buffer bloat, capping upload/download, etc). I've managed to get a consistent A+/A+ rating on dslreports, but I'm not noticing any discernible changes to my lag issues (typical input lag issues that effect FIFA/NHL/Madden, where one side plays like they're drunk & wearing cement shoes). Either way, thanks for the prompt response
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