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Cannot get IP addresses from Netduma

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I know this isn't the ideal setup, per my other topic regarding wifi calling, I thought that until dumaOS is released that I would use my Orbi as the main router with the Netduma behind it.


This has corrected the wifi calling issue, but I cannot get any IP addresses from what is connected to the Netduma except for the address that the Orbi gave it.  This is how my setup looks:


Pace 5268AC (in DMZ+ Mode) > Orbi Router (on .2 subnet to avoid conflicts) > Netduma (connected to port 1, wifi is off) > PC, XB1


I've put the R1's host address on the .2 subnet and can access it with the IP address given to it by the Orbi.  My PC and XB1 cannot get an address however.  I disabled DCHP on the Netduma.  I've also tried putting the Netduma on DMZ from the Orbi.


What am I missing?

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If you've disabled DHCP on the Netduma then it can't hand out IPs to connected devices. If you give them static IPs from DHCP lease you should be good to go.

I understand that.  I now have DHCP working, but also had to enable the WAN MAC address in order for the Orbi to recognize it as a 2nd router.  It was only then that the Netduma started handing out IP's on it's .88 subnet.

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