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  1. This is happening with every single one with the R-Apps on my XR500. They'll be fine for a few days, then I have to reboot the router.. it's getting really annoying...
  2. To be honest I don't remember. Unfortunately I don't have the time to factory reset multiple times to try and isolate the issue. What I did notice is that the problem started happening with the Microsoft Edge Chromium based browser which is in beta. The problem occurred 2 builds ago. I contacted the community for them and other users are experiencing this as well, but it is specific to Netgear products. Another thing I have noticed is that all other browsers seem to work fine now and have for the last week.
  3. Well, a hard reset did fix it. But when I restored my backup configuration the problem appeared again. So a factory reset but not restoring the backup has worked so far... 8/12/2019 - UPDATE: The problem has returned. This is unacceptable. I may have to consider another router that's more reliable even though I love the features of this one.
  4. Well that's crappy. I'll try that and see if it improves...
  5. I was able to login with my phone using Opera Touch browser on Android. But and routerlogin.net from any PC on my network will give me the unauthorized page. I can sometimes login with the following address: Again, I have cleared desktop browser cache and cookies. If I go through the recovery process it just starts over.
  6. I typically log in via ip as i find that more reliable, however I have tried it as routerlogin.net and the issue is there as well. As stated in OP, I have rebooted the router and it does not fix the issue.
  7. So I have a few different PC's that I log into the router on at any given point. Usually I get the message that another device is logged in and that if I want to proceed the other device will be disconnected. I'll click yes and can login normally. Recently, I am no longer getting that prompt, and am now presented with the router password recovery almost every time. This happens regardless of browser. If I put in the router's serial number, it will ask ,e my security questions, which I answer correctly, then I get taken right back to the router recovery screen. I have cleared all browser caches and rebooting the router. Nothing seems to be helping.
  8. I've been experimenting with bandwidth allocation and I'm not understanding something. When I set antibufferbloat to the desired speed, whether on Always or High Priority Traffic Detected, my devices adhere to the limit I set. If I want to limit a certain device even further, I set the bandwidth but nothing changes. It will still adhere to the percentage set by anti bufferbloat. In other words: 1. Activate Anti Bufferbloat to either Always or When High Priority Traffic Detected, set to 70% upload/download (in my case is 630Mbps for both). 2. All devices max internet connection speed is ~630Mbps (tested via speedtest.net). 3. Set one device to only 10Mbps upload/download via bandwidth allocation. 4. Run speedtest on said device and still get 630Mbps. Am I missing something?
  9. What you're saying sort of makes sense, however the R8000 was set to AP mode, and from what I have researched, no NAT should exist if the device is set to this mode. The GSS108E is a managed switch with no NAT features that I am aware of. I'm not sure where the double NAT might have come from.
  10. So doing that does seem to have solved the problem. However, I didn't need that before, so I am still at a loss as to why I need it now when nothing else changed.
  11. I was not sure whether I should post this on the Black Ops 4 thread or this one. But since this might not necessarily be an issue with the game itself, I thought it best to post here. I am having a very specific issue with Black Ops 4 on Xbox One. For some reason I am unable to join anyone else's lobby. In game message states that lobby is not joinable, and no one can join on me. My network setup is as follows: AT&T Pace 5268AC (DMZ+ Mode Enabled) from port 1 to XR500 WAN port XR500 Port 1 - Win10 Laptop XR500 Port 2 - Netgear Nighthawk R8000 in AP Mode (WiFi disabled, acting as secondary network switch. Xbox One was initially connected via ethernet in this manner) XR500 Port 3 - Win10 Desktop PC XR500 Port 4 - Netgear GSS108E (primary network switch) XR500 Firmware Things I've tried with no success: Hard reset Xbox One console Try different ethernet cable from Xbox One to R8000 Try different ethernet cable from R8000 to XR500 Try different ethernet cable from Xbox One to GSS108E Switch Directly connect ethernet to XR500 (UPDATE: Problem has gotten worse since XR500 factory reset. Now unable to connect to BO4 servers at all with message stating unavailable at this time) Remove any/all instances of Xbox One from XR500 Device Manager (to allow for re-detection) Setting Geo Filter to Spectating Mode for Xbox One profile Removing Xbox One from Geo Filter, trying without it, then re-adding it after discovering the issue still persists. Factory reset XR500 Things I've tried that work: Connect Xbox One to XR500 via WiFi Connect Xbox One to Pace 5268AC directly via ethernet There are no issues connecting to Xbox Live. I can do anything else BUT join lobbies or be joined on. Before resetting XR500 (see below), I could play multiplayer and solo Blackout without any issues. As far as I can tell, all other games function normally. For example, I could join chat parties, and others can join me. I could stream Netflix, Twitch, Youtube, etc. I could surf the web via the Edge browser. I could see all notifications (game invites, friends that are online, etc.). All network tests pass on Xbox One, and NAT shows open. Additionally, ports 3074 and 3075 are being correctly forwarded to the console which I can verify by viewing the UPnP table. The only message that could possibly be considered suspect is that Xbox is telling me that it is unable to connect to Xbox Live via IPv6. I have checked the Pace 5268AC, and the XR500. It is enabled on the Pace, and set to auto detect on the XR500. Every other aspect of Internet/LAN access on all other devices is fine. This is most confusing since when I have the console connected to XR500 via WiFi, I have no in game issues at all (as before). As of resetting XR500, the problem has gotten worse. I am now unable to connect to the Call of Duty BO4 servers at all via ethernet to XR500. All else is still functioning normally. As for the IPv6 issue, I received the same message when directly connect to the Pace 5268AC, so I can rule out the XR500 on that. As a side note my game is a digital copy, and my home Xbox is a separate 2nd console in a different physical location. So I know I am definitely connected to Xbox Live, otherwise I am unable to even launch the game itself.
  12. I have an Xbox One X that is connected to my TV. I would like to be able to log into the XR500 using MS Edge on the console rather than having to go to my PC whenever I want to see, monitor or change something while gaming. Currently, I get an error that says the proper authentication was not provided, and I am prompted to enter my router's serial number to recover the password. When I attempt that, it just brings me back to the same page, and am unable to login. So I'm wondering how others in my situation do things. Is there a better way?
  13. I didn't investigate very deep into this. It sounds like a basic function though. I'd just like to see what on my network is utilizing pi-hole the most. Currently it is handling DNS but it only sees the router and nothing behind it. The only 2 ways I know of for it to see everything is either let it handle dhcp, or this conditional forwarding...
  14. I have a pi-hole ad blocker installed on my network. I want to enable a feature called conditional forwarding which basically gives pi-hole the ability to see which devices on my lan are using it without the need of having it as my dhcp server. According to the documentation, the ip of the router and it's local domain name must be specified. It says that the local domain name is typically found in the dhcp settings of said router, but I'm not finding anything. I tried local (i.e. just entering local and nothing else), and it didn't seem to do anything...
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