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Quake Champions: Current Servers and pings from UK 28/9/17


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Has anyone had a problem with updating Quake Champions using Steam or Bethesda Launcher?


I'm not sure why, but every time I do an update, my net seems to go super slow and the download seems to drag on forever.  Sometimes it just hangs and doesn't go anywhere at all so I have to cancel and reset the PC.  I have to wait ages to try and access simple pages like Facebook or Twitter which usually load up straight away.  I have the Congestion Settings to 100% for up and downloads.  My net speed is 50mb down, 2mb up.


I don't have this problem anywhere else, I can stream on WIFI to one device and still access the net fine on others.  I cannot find anything on Bethesda Forums so I'm wondering if it is something I have not on my side.  Any advice or thoughts?

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Thanks for the tip. Unfortunately it hasn't worked. Still trickling along at a slow pace. Its's taken about 10 minutes to do 2mb. Something definitely weird going on, waiting for the word back from Bethesda to see if they know.


When I check Network Monitor, it shows a max of 50% activity about 185mbit towards the PC downloading and minimal usage from other devices


Ah found the solution, I think. If the files are validated through the Bethesda Launcher, the download is much quicker. Around 3mb per second.

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Seems to be an issue with being connected to dedi's which you haven't selected lately i noticed a lot of lag going on with a few games today decided to look into my geo filter and i was being hooked up to a dedi in the U.S with players all over the place on the other side of the pond.


Not sure if it is just me but keep an eye out.


A simple fix is to enable the geo stricked ticked i usually select ireland, frankfurt, amsterdam, and warsaw and put the circle around these area's (i'm in UK). This will work but don't enable until after booting the game up and selecting your dedi's.


Just an FYI 

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