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I'm curious...

fuzzy clam

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...about Destiny 2 and if it's a good game as a FPS.I have never played it before and don't like games with a huge story line or sci-fi  futuristic feel.


I just wanna get shot and occasionally shoot some people as I'm really over the current titles of COD and was looking for another FPS until WW2 come out.


So what are they guys thoughts who are playing it ? Worth looking into or not so much ?


Thanks for the info.

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Destiny1 and 2 is fun. I have played it. Doing PVP in D2 now. yeah its fun. If you like FPS, I'd say try it. The story line is huge though, but its actually a lot better than some Hollywood Sci-fi Movies :D 


Not a big fan of D2 though but I kind of like that game now, probably peer pressure played it part coz a lot of my R6S pals are playing D2 these days. 

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