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internet not available

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we will need a lot more information in order to solve the problem as you are being a bit bague! Please tell us your setup for instance, your isp, your isp provided modem, how it is connected to the netduma, is your connection cable, vdsl, is your connection login pppoe......etc etc etc!   Screenshots of any errors would be extremely helpful.



Welcome to the Netduma Forum!!!!

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  • Netduma Staff

the router connects to the internet but then always says internet may not be available.


Welcome to the forum! Just as said above, some more info about your setup and the nature of this issue would be great :)


This could be related to PPPoE. Do you know if you require a PPPoE username and password to access the Internet using your Modem? If you do, you'll need to enter those details in the WAN section on the Netduma.


If you wire your Netduma to a PC (ensuring all other devices are connected to the Netduma), then reboot your Modem and your Netduma, do you see the Netduma network? Can you connect to it? Does it say you have Internet access or 'No Internet'? Can you access the Netduma interface?

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