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BT in the news again


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And because of this someone about a mile from the fibre cab (me) will get about 75% less bandwidth and someone just outside of town (not even full 'country') can barely get online but we'll all pay the same price...

If the government and Ofcom implemented some proper 'quality' + 'quantity' rules, where we only pay for what we actually receive, then we'd see an amazingly rapid upgrade to this antique infrastructure (and then a massive price hike). 


But unfortunately our government consists of a bunch of spineless, self-serving, biscuit-circle-boys-club, offshore-trust-fund, tax-dodging, expenses-fiddling, thieving bum-weasels. And they don't want to lose all of that lovely tax revenue that they can spend renovating their tax-payer-funded second homes.

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