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Hi netduma team. I have a doubt that I can not find an answer, when I play Bops3 in the interface of the duma I mark a ping of 30ms or even less, but then in the menu of pause of the game when I look at the ping I mark a ping of more than 100ms and especially many peaks that vary from 100ms to 200ms and even more, to what can this be due? Why does one ping the server and play another? Greetings to all !!

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The in-game graph is junk - although that is a big difference. As far as I remember mine only shows a small difference.

Yeah if I was on 8ms to the UK server it would show 16/17ms in-game, and if I was on 20ms+ it would either show 33/34ms or 50ms in-game. Weird how they're all pretty much multiples of frames.


I played with my friend from New Mexico once (Texas server) and while I could ping that in 120ms-ish, I always two barred (200ms+) in-game lol. Might as well just turn that graph off tbh.


The discrepancy seems to increase more if your real latency is higher. If I had to guess I'd say large spikes would exacerbate that for a short while if you happen to glance at the graph in time to see it.

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