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Call Of Duty WW2 Nuclear - STG 44 Flawless Nuclear - The Call Of Duty We've Been Waiting For???


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I'd guess they do that with the snipers so the QS montage crew get on the beta, easily slap a montage or two together for youtube and inspire a whole load of wannabe QSers to buy the game. If 1-in-10 wannabe QSers falls for it, and buys the game thinking it will stay like that, Activision make a fortune (more of a fortune).

Then they can nerf it after the beta and all the potential QS victims are happy again.

I can't think of any other reason they would 'forget' to nerf the QSing before the beta, like you said we've seen it time and again.


I'm not sure that removing 'crutches' is a good idea. I think it will lead to the casuals sitting still in the corner (they're hard to see right?), shooting you in the back as you wander past. Or they might just give up quickly, leaving the game with fewer noobs to batter, turning the game into a sweaty twitchy MLG SMG nightmare.


I'm surprised by how much love this beta has got, do you have any concerns?


My biggest concern is the maps.


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I really like the game and I used a sniper rifle for a lot of the time, with an smg as my secondary and even I did really well with a sniper and I don't snipe.


And it was only a beta and not a finished product and most people got bored with the map selection (especially in war) which I played a lot, that's why I was sniping.


But with a few tweaks and tugs should be a fun game until they put SBMM back in.I still wish for matchmaking they would go by ping in 25 ms increments and leave the SBMM out.


But aside from that stuff and the HD issues IMO it beats all the exo movements and the BS that comes along with it.No matter how good a game is people are gonna bitch about it as that's just our nature.

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My only real issues with the game were the map design/layout/size and the quiet footsteps. They each multiply the other as an issue as well which is what I'm most concerned about.

Louder footsteps is a must for me to enjoy the game, I don't really feel immersed in the action if the footsteps aren't balanced.

BF1 has the right idea. Everyone can hear everyone else, you can't hear if you're firing your gun or stuff is exploding, it's really well done.

And it doesn't add extra 'background' explosions into the mix to make the battle sound bigger than it is.

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