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Microsoft confirms they're in talks with Sony about crossplay


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only for minecraft though and sony has denied this request serveral times so far



also im not sure if crossplay is a good thing, most competitive scenes are already very toxic and console brand loyality will just add more fuel to the fire

outside of that both platforms would need to level their account handling, for instance i wouldnt want to see the XBL avoid system carrying over to the playstation

its one of the worst features ever to be introduced on a console platform, everyone who has been in the avoid level at least once knows what i mean


outside of that close to all multiplatform console games that are just partly active have a higher player count per console than its pc version, you dont hear anyone complaining about a lack of population on pc so the argument to increase the user base among console players is rather slim imo


also this will ultimately result in pc-console crossplay which i absolutly dont want to see at all because of the cheats that this platform adds to the console base

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I play rocket league on PC and I can play with PS4 and Xbox players. Toxicity is the same, if not worse on PC cause you can type so easily... as for anything else, it's handled by the developer. You're reported too much, banned by Psyonix from playing. First a day, then 7, then permanently.


As for cheating, if the game is made the correct way then you can't cheat or you'll be insta-banned.

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