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Gears of war 4 doing away with Region Filters

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Starting September, the TC is doing away with region filtering and is going to start using "ping based" for matchmaking! Get ready Netduma....geo filtering will be in full swing....I hope.




Although GOW 4 is currently using region filtering, I still used geo filtering to force me getting into servers of my choice because there are instances where I would connect to Midwest servers. My geo filter is currently over California.

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That is potentially great news, you should definitely be able to easily force servers within your region. If they do a bad job then Geo-filter could be vital


We shall see.  There are instances when I've connected to servers outside of my region.  I set mines to West (USA) but I've had a few times I've connected to the East (USA).  Sad to say, certain geographical players that connect to the West region dedicated servers disrupts the connection big time.   


UPDATE: (9-18-17)


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