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Rainbow Six Siege - Netduma R1 issues

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You likely need to configure your settings on the R1 better, I don't mean to sound rude or harsh (we're all like family here) but if you can't use the toolset the router has to improve the experience there is user error.

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I'v used the same settings I'v used in Infinite Warfare ..... it worked , I get the lowest pings I can get ... in COD 


But I got the opposite in R6S ?



Sir, can u explain why ?


Call of Duty works differently thasn other games, settings that work for me in BO2, BO3, MW3, Ghosts, IW and AW for example are very different from my settings for BF1 or Titanfall 2.


The other thing is, I noticed you're in Saudi Arabia, if that is correct Activison connect you to European dedicated servers, R6S may not deal the same way with people from the MENA region. These things and likely more will impact your experiences for these different titles.

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I'm pretty sure you're able to choose the region on the game itself. If not it at least tells you what region you'll be playing in. You should still be able to force the closest server to you.


Can you take a screenshot of the Geo-filter when in a game and the ping you're getting as well please.

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