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Dedicated Servers and Halo 5


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Hi everyone first post here in the forums and have been only using the netduma for around a month. Decided to purchase to help with halo 5 lag. I had the occasional lags spikes and worst and quite frequently was grenades not landing or if they landed would not explode. This issue has now been solved thanks to the netduma. :)


But just wanting a little info on dedicated servers and halo 5 if possible ?


First question is if you live close to a dedicated server will that help your game connection and ping etc if playing on a overseas dedicated server ?


Second question is how dose Halo 5 and dedicated servers work exactly ?


Example: Say I live in the USA could I end up playing on a Australian dedicated server ? If I do play on a Australian dedicated server using Netduma geo filter will all team mates and opposition live in Australia ? Or from all around the world ?


Sorry everyone live in Australia and wanting to know a little more about dedicated servers / halo 5 and how they work without using netduma geo filter. If it a random process of what dedicated server you might end up playing on or choose due to factors of dedicated server congestion, internet speeds etc

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Hey, welcome to the forum!


It doesn't matter that you live close to a server if you're connecting to one far away, you will have a higher ping unless you connect to that server that is close by. 


I can't say how the game decides on what server to put you on. That's decided by multiple factors I would imagine. Being in the UK we have frequently been put on US servers with the Geo-filter disabled when there are closer servers to us.

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