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Slow Speeds and PS4 Recognition

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I currently have Internet 150 which when directly wired to the router provided by my internet provider gives a download speed in excess of 100 Mbps with an upper limit of 170 Mbps.  The upload speed varies but on average is approximately 15 Mbps.  When the Netduma is hooked up as per the instructions, the Netduma is the only device connected to the router and all other devices are connected to the Netduma, the download speed is drastically reduced to 35 to 50 Mbps.  I have followed the setup instructions provided in similar posts and have not been able obtain speeds greater than 50 Mbps.  The setup instructions that I have followed include the following:

  • Correct bandwidths entered into Congestion Control (as per wired speed test to router, independent of Netduma)
  • Reactive Algorithm
  • 100% anti-flood
  • Share excess enabled
  • Device prioritization reset and applied
  • Disabled IPv6 in WAN, LAN and misc
  • Disabled deep packet in misc
  • Enabled turbo mode



Also, when in the Device Manager, the PS4, which is hard wired to the Netduma does not have a red line from the cloud icon to the device.  The PS4 does have an internet connection but it is not registering in the Device Manager.


Please advise.



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There should be no reason it's slowed down that much if everything is connected to the R1 and you're doing a wired speed test with those settings. Can you try a different ethernet cable between your PC and the R1 please. 


That is purely graphical, it is likely only showing when there is actual data being passed through the router.

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Doesn't make any sense why your speeds would be slower, post in the 1 on 1 section: http://forum.netduma.com/forum/66-request-1-on-1/and I will have a look. Please note I need around a days notice.


Please read this first before making the post: http://forum.netduma.com/topic/11450-read-before-posting-a-1-on-1-request/

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