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Netduma Fraser

Read before posting a 1 on 1 request.

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You can not post here unless you have been requested by a staff/support member.


If you require a 1 on 1 please create a thread using the following template. Threads not using the template will be ignored. 

  • Firmware version:
  • The issue you are having (include as many details as possible and a link to the original thread about your issue):
  • Times/dates available: 

If your issue is a common issue that can be resolved by normal support threads please do not post here. 


If you want your settings checked please do not post here. Post a normal thread.


We will be using a program for the 1 on 1 you can find the info on this here please make sure you have it downloaded before the scheduled time to prevent any delays. At the allotted 1 on 1 time please PM the ID for me to join.


Please do not give me less than 24 hours notice. If I have not responded by that time it is likely I haven't seen it/wasn't available at that time. Please wait for a confirmation on date/time.


Only the issue that the 1 on 1 was arranged for will be looked at. If you then have other issues you want me to look at whilst in the 1 on 1 without previously letting me know I will advise you to make a new thread regarding it.

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