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Nat Type Seems To Be Acting Funny


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Just bought a new PS4, came from an XB1. The XB1 didn't seem to give me any problems.

Went through the instructions from duma sight.

When I load up console without geo filter enabled it shows Type 2 as it should. So I continue on and enable it since according to the instructions it says it will still be open even if the console says otherwise which once I click it, the next test I do the console says it failed. 

When I load up COD IW it tells me my connection is moderate both with geo filter enabled and disabled which I would like to get it too open of at all possible. I did restart in both occasions just to make sure the settings took.

I also followed the instructions regarding going to port forwarding and delete all entries but there weren't any.


So regardless what I do, IW COD seems to read as moderate. Any ideas how I can fix this?


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