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PS4 - "LAN cable not connected" error.

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Hello everyone, 


I am using the Netduma R1 through my PS4. At random, my PS4 will say "LAN cable not connected" and will immediately remove me from match, party, and log me off PSN, but it signs me in again no problem. It may not do it again for a few hours, but it also can do it within minutes. Some of the time it wont do it at all during my 6+ hour game session. I have attempted all LAN ports, different Ethernet cables, resetting my PS4, resetting the router(including a factory default reset) and this doesn't fix the problem.


This error really is a random error and happens whenever it wants. I have tweeted to @Netduma a few times and they decided to redirect me here so maybe the rest of community or staff may have a fix for this. Here is my setup on my Netduma R1.


Host Filtering - Open to the whole world(as I play with many players from overseas) with a ping assist of 30ms


Congestion Control - I only have PS4 connected, device prioritization is disabled it says. I have my bandwidth set at 60MBPS Download, 20 MBPS Upload and my Hyper-Traffic is set to PS4.


VPN/Profiles/Network Monitor/Device Manager/Internet Diagnosis/Host Analysis - I do not touch these other then profiles as I do have my profile saved but only use this when I reset router or if power outage reset my router. 


Settings Menu


Wifi - Disabled


Port Forwarding - I do have 1 rule set, it is COD 3074 udp protocol. I get open Nat Type using this for call of duty.


UPnP -  I have it enabled and it does rules on its own.


LAN -  Default settings and DNS here is enabled automatic.


DHCP Lease -  Never touched it, still Default settings.


WAN - I use a cable modem, so this is also Default settings.


Miscellaneous Settings -  I left things alone here, the following are the only "checked items";


1) Enable deep packet processing

2) Allow remote access to Netduma tech support

3) Enable multicast snooping

4) Enable link-local IPv6


All the other options are unchecked. 



So, can anyone, customers, Netduma staff, or even tech wiz people, help me understand why my R1 does this to me?


Thank you guys so much, I will check this as often as I can and hope someone helps me out. 



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Hey, welcome to the forum!


Your physical setup means you're not able to make use of congestion control which is a big feature to improve your gaming experience so would recommend everything be connected to the duma. I would take the PS4 out of hyper traffic as this is likely to not be making any effect given it's the only device connected to the R1. Also change to the reactive algorithm.


I would use UPnP OR port forwarding not both as it can cause conflicts. Is the R1 in the DMZ of your ISP hub as well?


I would disable everything other that remote access - unless you want to untick it. I would also tick cookies to ensure settings stay saved.


Whilst these are minor things can you try them and see if the issue persists please. 


This issue isn't directly related to the duma and there are lots of others without dumas who experience the issue but we'll try and get it sorted. If the above doesn't work can you try connected through wifi please and see if you get the same drops.

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I have had the exact same issue and believe it or not it was a problem with the ps4 ethernet cable not seating properly even though it felt like it was in securely. Does your console get moved around or the cables get disturbed?

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Hi Fraser and RobReapz,


I will follow everything you stated Fraser and try it out for a few weeks, if any other problem arrives, I will make another forum post about it. Thank you for the speedy answer, you guys are awesome. 


RobReapz, my PS4 has never been moved, however its an older PS4, possible wear down can be happening. Thank you as well for help. 


I truly appreciate it all guys!



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